I’m a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, which means I have a friendship with God, a respect for the authority of the Bible, and the desire and need to be invested in a local community of believers.  I’m so grateful to say that The Fields Church is not only my place of employment here in Arlington, TX, but is also my true spiritual community.  It’s where I learn to engage in worship best, serving and growing alongside God’s children.

Not that it’s especially well-written, nor that these truths can’t be found in the Bible, but I wanted to share some thoughts I wrote on worship a little while back on a Fields page:

I strive to let everything I do point to Christ and His gospel, in spite of my own will and desires; I decrease and He increases in me.  We call that worship, whether it’s sung, spoken, or lived.  We declare the glory of God, His Son, and His Spirit so that the nations will know His name.  I use music in song on Sunday mornings at the Fields to help us focus our minds and hearts on Him. I believe music is a gift from God that directs us to surrender.  The word of God continues to impact me daily, which directs me in that surrender.  Whether it’s in writing or singing or serving or leading, I work to lead our church in singing His words, not mine.

That’s my goal in leading worship in my local church, not just weekly music, but daily devotion.  Feel free to learn more about our church here.

The Fields Church

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