Hello!  I’m Graham Jones.  I write and perform music.


Okay, now here’s the longer version:  Before I was born, my dad was playing electric guitar and my mom was singing.  In 5th grade, I started playing viola at school.  In 8th grade, things kind of exploded for me.  I got a mandolin for Christmas and learned a classic guitar riff or two from my history teacher.  I finally realized how incredible a guitarist my dad was and asked him to help me get started, which led to me learning other things (by “other things,” I mean, mostly the entire Switchfoot discography).  By the end of high school, I was addicted to playing anything with strings on it.  I haven’t really recovered since.

I started singing and leading worship in my youth group.  I went to college and studied music composition, which is a fancy subject that means you’ll get a degree if you can get other people to play some of the music you write.  Thankfully, some wonderful people played things I wrote for piano, chamber groups, full orchestra, etc.  I continued to lead worship in various settings. I also wrote some songs and played with my friends in band called Overseer.  We even put out an album and played at several youth camps and events.

All of these experiences pushed me to be a better composer and songwriter, which have pushed me to where I am today: writing and performing music for my local church where I serve and lead worship and making music for whoever will listen.  If that’s you…thank you.

I’m married to my best friend, Bethany, who also sings and plays piano (both better than me).  I’m pretty nerdy.  I play too much Super Smash Bros.  I love to explore the imagination, whether it’s rereading Silmarillion (J.R.R. Tolkien) or Perelandra (C.S. Lewis) or Bringer of Storms (L.B. Graham) for the bajillionth time or playing another Legend of Zelda game or listening to movie scores.  I like good coffee, Oreos and chocolate chip cookies, and wandering through Half Price Books for a few hours before convincing myself that I don’t need to buy half of the things I picked up, and then buying them anyways.